Emergence history of Apsheron district belongs to 5th millennium B.C. and Novkhani gardens are the ancient gardens among gardens locating in this area. Based on it, we can say that history of Novkhani village is old. Although, in some sources emergence history of the village was concerned the Middle Ages. Based on sources, there was village calling “Siyan” near to Binagadi Salt Lake, not far from Novkhani 500 years ago. The word “Siyan” concerned “to burn” word. It is explained deformed form of “mist”, “soot”, “smoke”, “smoked”.

    This village sank because of growth of sea-water in the middle of XVII century (in some sources the cause was written earthquake), the inhabitants were begin to live in Ashagibash area.

New constructed houses in the village were called “new houses” – in Persian “nov khani”, afterwards the village was called “Novkhani”. Even Novkhani is similar to other village of Apsheron with its external and mental features, it gets own different features, too. If we pay attention to the houses and gardens in the old side of village, we can see there water-wells and stalls, including thrashing-floor, storehouses for melon products. Grapes and figs of Novkhani village are different from the other villages’. Inhabitants have occupied with agriculture and cattle-breeding, it seems from structure of buildings and gardens.

    People from Novkhani have never fenced gardens with wall, locked gateway. Some parts of national customs are remained till now. For example, “Yurd halvasi” is cooked when they move to cottage or come back from there.

    Doughy-meals and meat meals are preferred by the inhabitants of village. Fish meals are not cooked often. Because of they had gotten fishes from fishery. But now these fish sorts are not easy-findable.

    Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh, Mirzabala Mammadzadeh, Said Hussein, Umgulsum and Ogtay Sadigzadehs, Kamil Balakishiyev, Ruhulla Gafil, Habib Balasadig oglu, Azim Azimzadeh, Lutvi Zadeh, Mehdi Hussein-zadeh, Suleyman Rustam,M. Najafov, A. Alizadeh, A. Orujov, N. Farmanzadeh were born in the village.   

    Saffron, almond and pistachio are cultivated in private gardens because of state farms were abrogated. 

    There is Mosque of Shah Sultan Hussein (XVII century) in Novkhani.

.    52 persons from Novkhani took part in Karabakh War. 5 of them were killed for faith.

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