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01.05.05 Novruz bayrami.
01.05.05 Novruz bayrami.
01.05.05 Novruz bayrami.
01.05.05 Novruz bayrami.
01.05.05 Novruz bayrami.
    Pirakashkul village
     Was one of the ancient villages of Apsheron. The village has been called Chayli for a long time. The origin of the name Pirakashkul village belongs to the ancient times. In generally, etymology of the word does not become forked. The name of residence belongs to the name of Pir (holy place). Second component of the toponym is from the word - kashkul which was purse of dervishes and it was made from hind nut. Kashkul had been hung on the pirs (holy places).
There are large plain areas at the foot of Khizi Mountains. Inhabitants mostly lived like cattle-breeding nomad life, were occupied with cattle-breeding, especially sheep-breeding. There was large live-stock farm. But inhabitants of the village were moved to Sumgayit city in the end of 1950. According to the Order No 361 dated 30th August, 1989 of Ministers' Cabinet plot Fund was divided for 300 families which were forced from Armenia in 1988. Pirakashkul is located at the foot. The main distinguishing thing of the village is that Sumgayit River flows near it. Also melon ripens in the village. The present-day people of the village have lived here since 1989, and that's why famous people have not been grown up here. Former inhabitants of the village were moved to other villages of Apsheron and Sumgayit city, therefore famous people from the village can not be investigated.
   35 persons took part in Karabagh wars. 8 of them were killed for faith. There is no historical monument. Inhabitants mostly work in the industrial establishments in Baku city, including some of them are occupied with cattle-breeding.

   Gobustan village
56 ha plot was divided for 200 families based on Order No 234-4 dated 29th December, 1988 of Executor Government of Apsheron district and the Order No 442 dated 4th November, 1989 of Ministers' Cabinet of Azerbaijan Republic and there are houses of 220 families.
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