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> 01.02.2008
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> 01.02.2008
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    The history of Saray settlement belongs to XI centuries. So, the origin of word Saray is "Caravan Sara". In B.C. the one way of Ancient "Silk Way" has passed through the south side of Saray village. After having rest here, the Caravan has continued going. As a result of economical development caravan transport was substituted by other transport. So, caravan traffic ceased. Therefore, the word caravan was abbreviated, Sara became Saray adding "y" to the end of word.
   As a result of imperfect order of Soviet system inhabitants of Chayli village was moved to new Saray estate in 1955-1956.
Officer, academic Vali Akhundov and Kamal Akhundov, Hero of Soviet Union M. Alakberov were born in Saray settlement.
   There are 3 secondary schools (No 1, No 2, No 3), 2 kindergartens, hospital, boarding school for invalids and mental disordered people, Settlement Executor Representation, Municipality, musical school, up-to-date Post Office, ATS, library, 3 restaurants, 137 trade units for commercial business, 2 furniture markets, bazaar, canteen, catering establishment, 3 drug-stores, Martyrs' Complex, park which there was put bust of academic Vali Akhundov, 4 mosques, streets with 107 names, 3600 numbered buildings (at the same time, dwelling estates were laid out, but name was not given to the streets). There were Cami Masque, bath-room (is underwater), sepulchers in old Saray of the settlement.
   Pursuit of inhabitants of Saray settlement is production of agricultural products. About 14000 inhabitants were registered.
   Saray settlement develops day by day according to honorable President's State Programs about social-economical development of regions.
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